Melange Boissier Tea Tin



Tea Melange Boissier from Maison Boissier is a light, refreshing blend infused with citrus, vanilla, and floral notes of jasmine and lavender. Tea Melange Boissier is a blend of black teas from China and Ceylon sweet and fragrant.

Tea is the most popular drink in the four corners of the globe. The tea originates in Asia where its consumption goes back to antiquity; it was imported to Europe from 16th century. It is now widespread throughout the world and its consumption is constantly increasing. The tea is consumed throughout the day and can be seen hot or cold. It is reputed to be an antioxidant.

Loose Tea

Ingredients : black tea and white tea silver tips, flavors (orange and vanilla), lavender flowers, vanilla pod bits.

Product of France

Tin of 100g

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