Waxing Poetic

Sea is Always Home Signature Medallion


The swell of a Kristal Crystals foamed brass wave sweeps the edge of a briny textured sterling silver medallion. In the center stretched out above the gleam of a Kristal Crystals star, are the words “The Sea Is Always Home”. In honor of all things deeply felt and mutable, we invite you into your ocean, to summon seas of inner peace, waves of bravery, shining intuition, and the grace of letting go. Every wave enthrones an offering from this sea, as fragments of finest treasures billow in the surf, the net pulls in many pearls. Drift far beyond all limits, be swept up in the current and past the brink of yourselves, and like Venus, rise from the sea reborn in light like blue silk.

Sterling Silver, Brass & Kristal Crystals


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