Flower Petals Tea Tin


Maison Boissier bring to you this beautifully fragrant green tea has a fine combination of fresh, fruity, and floral overtones and is as wonderful cold or heated.
A delectably flavored tea that combines green tea's vegetal freshness with the fruity fragrances of sakura, exotic fruits, red fruits, orange, and flower petals.
A light, silky infusion.

Flower Petals Tea Flavored green tea, aroma of red and tropical fruits, rose petals, Helianthus, and blueberries. Tea is the most popular drink in the four corners of the globe. The tea originates in Asia where its consumption goes back to antiquity; it was imported to Europe from the 16th century. It is now widespread throughout the world and its consumption is constantly increasing. It is reputed to be an antioxidant.

Loose Tea

Ingredients: green tea, flavors (Sakura, exotic fruits, red fruits, and orange), flower petals

Product of France

Tin of 100g

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