Silk Tee Dress


Wild Silk jersey tee dress

100% Silk
Made in Turkey

Wild Silk
Origin: China
Certificates: Oeko-Tex

  • Wild silk is made by silkworms that live in the wild. Wild silkworms feed on and live in trees.
  • Wild silk is a lot more textured than regular silk.
  • Due to its short fiber length, wild silk is more comparable to wool.
  • It has the same positive attributes as silk.
  • The process of making wild silk is also known as non-violent, which is when the silk is processed without killing the silkworm. Once the moth leaves its cocoon, the silk is collected and processed into yarn.
  • We recommend a cold wash on a gentle cycle using natural detergent and hang drying for all our products. Hand washing is always a good option too. If you are not separating delicates, use a laundry bag to protect the fabric from getting damaged.

    To reduce washes, we recommend airing or freezing your garments and spot cleaning whenever you have a stain. Airing helps in getting rid of the odour and you can do this by leaving your clothing outside overnight. Freezing gets rid of smell, mildew, and moths and is effective when done for 6-12 hours.

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